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Natalie has given me fantastic dietary advice and helped me navigate through the multitude of nutritional philosophies that are out there for people like me who are managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Even more importantly, Natalie has helped me come to terms with my recent MS diagnosis.

My favorite part about Natalie is that she is genuine and truly caring. I felt uplifted after each session I had with her.

My biggest breakthrough I had while working with her was realizing that no matter what I have been through or what I am going through now I am beautiful and I deserve to love myself.

I would recommend Natalie because she works with every aspect of your life (Holistic); Health, finances, relationships and personal happiness. So whatever it is you need help with, she will guide you as a whole person.

Especially helpful to me was that Natalie is open minded to spiritual matters – in fact they are important to her as well. Because of this, I was extremely comfortable opening up to her about the things that matter most to me. And this, I believe is the reason I made so much progress working with Natalie.

Marissa Mandell Pharamacist

After going through the program, food shopping, preparation and awareness of ingredients is now a part of my lifestyle. Additionally, my husband benefited substantially from eating a much healthier diet. I learned that foods can be much more flavorful when prepared with natural seasonings and spices!

Working with Natalie and her program was very enlightening. My biggest breakthrough has been a substantial change in my eating habits. I’ve also noticed significant reduction with minor arthritis aches and discomfort. My sleeping habits have also benefited as I find my sleep to be more restful. Now I have more energy during the daytime!

I would definitely recommend this program for anyone interested in making a change to their lifestyle. It does require discipline and commitment, but it’s well worth the effort!  I’m glad I “jumped in with both feet!”

Valerie Jett Health & Wellness Event Coordinator

HeWeLoHa makes me aware of how to make better food, fitness and lifestyle choices specifically designed for me.

Each session is a confirmation of my progress and gives me a chance to change things that don’t work and improve upon my new habits.

Sari Checkartzee Law Enforcement

Like the James Brown song goes “I feel good!”  Actually, I feel great!!!

I am truly grateful that I met Natalie! She coached me to step up and get out of my comfort zone!  I know I would have never done this without your guidance, Natalie!

Whenever I got frustrated, you were always there to provide assistance, help & encouragement while always reminding me that it’s a journey.

Thanks Natalie!  You are inspiring!

Kathy Eichhoff Real Estate Agent/Investor

Having participated in Natalie’s program twice, I would have to say that it is very important to have an open mind and a willingness to change.  You receive so much valuable information that truly changes your life!

I first came into the program with the intention of losing so much weight; I soon realized that this is not “that” kind of detox….this is a life changing and work in progress detox! I have so much more energy, I sleep better and I have lost weight – a little at a time, still losing and keeping it off.

Also, her tools are extremely valuable resources. I keep the binder in my car in the event that I need to take a glance at it before I go shopping.  I still log my measurements in it every 2 weeks.  This is a lifestyle change. When you are receptive to the information that Natalie is sharing with you this will be the start of a whole new “you”!

Donna Mitchell Mom and In-flight Supervisor

HeWeLoHa has inspired me to focus on my health on a daily basis. Natalie has taught me that taking care of myself is a lifestyle- something I strive to do every day.

I Recommend HeWeLoHa because Natalie is so knowledgeable about health and wellness. She 100% speaks from experience. She truly “walks the walk.”

Natalie inspires me every day. She is constantly educating herself and shares that education with her clients, she brings a “light” with her to every session and always has a smile on her face.

Amy Cohen Mom of Two

Natalie and HeWeLoHa Wellness has had a dramatic impact on my health. Step by step, my coach Natalie guided me at a pace I was comfortable with. I knew that I would feel overwhelmed with too many changes at once and Natalie respected my style of change.

Natalie taught me to focus on the nutritional value of foods rather than their calorie count. I also learned the importance of organic food choices, timing of certain foods, and was introduced to so many new tasty foods.

My post menopausal weight gain that would not come off despite diet and exercise finally began to budge. Losing sugar cravings was a pleasant surprise!

The role of stress, sleep and caffeine was assessed in my life and I was able to make changes which will impact me for the rest of my life.

I learned more about nutrition from my sessions with Natalie than I had learned in my entire life! I would highly recommend HeWeLoHa to anyone who is struggling with their search for solutions to improved weight management, improved health and overall balance in their lives.

Dr. Renae Lapin, LMFT Family Therapist, Mom of Three

I began taking classes in Nov 2011. I was recovering from Breast Cancer Surgery and radiation. My upper body was weak, my arms had limited motion and I was exhausted. Natalie provided tremendous encouragement every step of the way.

Today, I am mobile, pain free and living a normal life. Natalie is dedicated and has a genuine concern for my well-being. The personal touch meant so much to me!

We are all individuals with individual needs and no one program is for everyone, it is a slow process of acquiring strength and health. I always felt she was working with me.

I am a huge supporter of her programs because she customizes them for all ages!

Sharon Seidner Breast Cancer Survivor

Natalie and HeWeLoHa has made a tremendous difference in my diet, health and overall life. I am much more knowledgeable about my food choices because she offers detailed food recommendations that are specific to my health concerns. Her program provided me with a true understanding of what I’m eating so my body and immune system can function optimally.

I love how she helps me find a balance between nutrition, exercise, emotions and spirituality. She helps me understand how important this balance is as I move through different stages and ages of my life.

It is never too late to start making changes and educating ourselves for a better quality of life and overall wellness. HeWeLoHa inspires me to take charge of my health and improve my life!

Natalie is truly passionate and committed to inspiring people to achieve their health goals.

Donna Cicero-Haverland Middle School Teacher, Mom of Two

HeWeLoHa has made a significant impact on my health and life by providing the tools and improves my ability to better respond to stress.

Helps me to build and maintain my physical strength, resilience and spirit while coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Sjogrens diseases, which can be quite debilitating at times.

Whether one-on-one or in a program, Natalie is always attentive to individual needs, really cares about her clients, makes it fun, and you always leave feeling great. My biggest breakthrough has been to learn not to be so hard on myself and to accept my physical limitations and work with them. Natalie is an amazing coach and a true inspiration and motivator.

Without question, I would recommend HeWeLoHa programs to those I care about. In addition to being a truly gifted and amazing Coach, Natalie has true integrity and always puts the best interest of her clients first.

I have worked with many Health and Wellness Coaches both as an individual as well as at the corporate level (company sponsored), and HeWeLoHa is truly the most amazing, professional and effective provider I have seen.

Natalie is truly passionate and committed to inspiring people to achieve their health goals. Natalie is not only an expert with incredible knowledge to share, BUT she also has the greatest interpersonal skills to deliver her message positively.

Jill Maunder Human Resources Executive

HeWeLoHa has allowed me to strengthen my mind-body connection. Since working with Natalie, my level of self-awareness has grown immensely.

I was in a life-threatening motor vehicle crash. Upon completion of my physical therapy and medical clearance, Natalie took my rehabilitation to a whole new level for which I will always be grateful. She challenged, yet inspired me, while I was being completely mindful of my injuries. I was lovingly able to gain strength and confidence in ways beyond my imagination. HeWeLoHa will always be a very special part of my life.

I highly recommend HeWeLoHa programs because they are innovative and extraordinary. Natalie continually compels me to use my critical thinking skills when making decisions about my health and overall wellness.

Dr. Candice Saketkoo, PHD Neuropsychologist

Natalie and the HeWeLoHa program got me off my sugar and caffeine addictions (obsessions) and I lost 22lbs in 6 months!

Her knowledge about food and the body is tremendous. After going through the program, I have also stopped eating gluten and dairy since I now have an understanding of how these foods affect the body.

The personal solutions are administered with a lot of caring and it is not about being rigid. My biggest breakthrough has really been about listening to my body and understanding the cravings.

I would absolutely recommend (and already have!) the HeWeLoHa program to anyone who is willing to commit to changing their health.

Arnie Lifset Sales Consultant / Real Estate Investor

HeWeLoHa has given me a sense of freedom and calm. I am stronger and lighter, both physically and emotionally.

I love the genuine warmth that Natalie exudes- while providing such valuable advice and encouragement. I have learned and continue to learn many new things from her programs- most recently about the dangers of GMO foods and how to find healthy alternatives.

Natalie provides comfort and education. She caters to your individual needs and ultimately focuses on leading a healthy and HAPPY life!

Heidi Rosenberg Corp Executive & Mom of Three

Natalie’s programs and coaching have changed my life. I am now more conscious of what I put in my family’s and my body. It is a whole health and wellness lifestyle program. And, I feel great!

I love working with Natalie! She is fantastic, so sweet, knowledgeable, positive and caring!

Ori Silver Attorney & Mom of Three Boys

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