Another Quiz!


This time it is about the relationships in your life.


As human beings in this day and age we often neglect opportunities to have actual face time with our loved ones.


I am not referring to Face Time. I’m talking about actually being with people in their physical presence and connecting with our words, emotions and souls.


It is so easy to send a text, email, FB message, upload a video, etc. I am completely guilty of falling into these habits, as well. Anything and everything I share with you, my beautiful tribe members, are things that I am actively working on in my own life.


HeWeLoHa is all about healing your whole self.


And, part of that Path to Peace refers to healing relationships in your life that may need some mending or additional attention and love. Below is an eye opening list of questions to help you become a more loving version of yourself.

Yes/No Relationship Questionnaire:

  • I have told my parents, in the last three months that I love them_____
  • My relationship with my siblings is peaceful I and show them love____
  • I get along well with my co-workers/clients____
  • I get along well with my manager/staff___
  • There is no one who I would dread or feel uncomfortable being around, even if it was just a brief encounter at the (store, school, work, grocery store, etc.) ____
  • I focus on people instead of results ___
  • I have released and found peace with relationships that do not serve me or bring joy and value to my life ___
  • I have made a reasonable effort to communicate with anyone and everyone who I hurt, damaged or injured to create peace in this world ____
  • I refrain from gossip and do not talk about others___
  • I have a circle of friends/family who love, respect and appreciate me for who I am, just the way I am with no ulterior motive ___
  • I am clear with my intentions to my self and my expectations of others___
  • I speak the truth, to myself, friends, and family ___
  • I receive sufficient and adequate love from people around me to feel awesome____
  • I have fully forgiven those people who have offended/hurt or affected me, intentional or not___
  • I am reliable, people can count on me____
  • I quickly correct miscommunication and misunderstandings when they occur___
  • I live my life according to my personal beliefs and honor my values and rules without letting other people’s priorities impede upon my own____
  • I am complete with past loves/spouses/relationships___
  • I am in tune with and tend to my wants, needs, desires and more ____
  • I refrain from judging others- their choices, their lifestyles, their decisions, etc___
  • I do not take things personally and understand that oftentimes people’s reactions are as a result of something going on with them, not as a result of something I have said or done___
  • I have a best friend, soul mate, person I can trust, rely on, confide in, and be myself with___
  • I make request as as opposed to making complaints ___
  • I spend time with people who add value to my life ___



Peace, Love and All That Jazz!

To your HeWeLoHa,

NATALIE, The Modern Hippie Mama

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