Healthy Mama | Happy Home Online Program

Are you up for the challenge?!


I know you are 🙂


Join the Modern Hippie Mama (MHM) Movement + transform your life in 30 days!


My program equips YOU (fellow MHM tribe member) with the tools necessary to fuel and nourish your body with powerful nutrition. Engage with all your senses as you discover health is more than just what you eat and how much exercise you do. Health is about honoring your body, mind and spirit. And, finding a peaceful balance between health, wealth, love and happiness.


So, if you are eager... learn how to:

Eat real, whole, organic foods- choosing the right foods for you!

Read nutrition labels the Modern Hippie Mama (MHM) way.

Navigate the grocery store & online shopping made easy!

Fuel your body with nutrient dense foods.

Gentle detox/release MHM style (Breastfeeding Mama approved, of course)!)

Support healthy blood glucose levels.

Curb appetite and say "peace out" to  food addictions!


Side effects include, but are not limited to:

Postpartum weight loss (regardless of how many years that may be)

Increased milk supply

Substantial energy boost

Eliminate cravings

A zen state of mind and much, much more.......


My ultimate goal is really about helping you to understand the mind body connection, how are psyche and our experiences influence the present, and how are family of origin influences our metabolic reality.


Discover how to use your personal and bio-individual information in really tangible and practical ways. I want to bring awareness and empowerment to you. Because when we are empowered, educated and inspired we can accomplish anything we want. We can build, create and design our lives to be exactly as we want.


Here's the down low:

I believe in the vitalistic and that healing is multi-faceted.

I believe the we are capable of activating the bodies medicine and innate healing powers.

I believe in YOU!

 30 days, 4 weekly modules.

 Group Camaraderie, Accountability and Support.

 Plus, a Wealth of Information which you can digest at your own pace.


Do it for it for your family... Because a Healthy Mama is a Happy Home!

Healthy Mama | Happy Home Online Program

The Healthy Mama | Happy Home™ online program is held several times per year.


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