Quiz time!

It’s funny.


I have always disliked tests and quizzes.


Maybe it’s because of the pressure I put on myself or the idea that it was a way to be judged.


Whatever the reason, I was always turned off when I heard the words test or quiz.


I distinctly remember, running out of the room after taking the SAT’s. I got into my mom’s car and said: “I do not care what I got on that test, I am NEVER taking that again!” And, for the record, I never did take that test again.


This quiz has no right or wrong answers. There is no judgement involved. It is purely confidential (unless of course you’d like to share your results).


The intention is for you you to get some reflection on how you are functioning in your human experience. Perhaps after taking the quiz you will notice some things that you would be interested in changing or behaviors you’d like to upgrade. It’s an opportunity and an invitation for you to find some clarity in your life and health.


Is Your Life Peace-FULL?  Answer honestly. This is for your benefit only.


What is your eating speed?

What is your hunger level?
Irregular and Inconsistent
When hungry, needs food fast
Can easily miss a meal

What temperature do you prefer your Food and Beverage?
Both Cold and Warm/Hot

How much water do you drink daily?
1-4 cups
4-8 cups
8-12 cups

How much sleep are you getting nightly?
4-6 hours
6-8 hours
8 hours or more

When you sleep do you generally dream and if so are your dreams about?
Fear- fear of flying, running, jumping, dying
Angry, fiery, violent
Include water, clouds, relationships, romance

Is your sleep:
Interrupted, light
Sound, medium
Sound, heavy, long

How many daily bowel movements?
0- go every couple days
1-3 daily
3-5 daily

How do your bowels rate on the Bristol Stool Chart (below)?


How would you describe your approach to achieving goals?
Easily distracted
Focused, driven and determined
Slow and Steady

How do you share your wealth? (Time/money)
Giving small amounts
Gives nothing or large amounts infrequently
Gives regularly and generously

How do you react to stress?
Excited quickly and easily
Slow to get excited and reacts with caution

How do you view your finances and spending habits?
Spends quickly, no savings
Big spender, but also saves
Accumulates wealth and saves regularly

How does the word Money make you feel?
Excited, confident, and abundant
Depends on the month and how much I owe to the Credit Card Company
Anxious, lacking, fearful

How would you describe your energy level?
Full of energy


What types of relationships do you have?
Many casual
Long and deep

What types of friendships do you generally maintain?
Outgoing- Tends toward short-term friendships and makes friends quickly/easily
Introvert- tends to be a “loner” friends are as a result of occupation
Tends to form long lasting, meaningful and fulfilling friendships

How is your sex drive?
Variable or low

How do you work best?
While supervised- Micro or Macro managed
In groups

What do you do to show love to yourself?
Nothing- I don’t even know what you mean
I take bath, get massages or other bodywork, go out with friends, etc once in a while
I schedule nourishing activities for myself weekly


How would you describe your mental activity?
Quick mind, restless
Sharp intellect, could be described as aggressive
Calm, steady, stable, zen

How is your memory?
Short term is best
Overall good memory
Long term- best

How are your thoughts?
Constantly changing
Fairly steady
Steady, stable, fixed

How would you describe your ability to concentrate?
Short term focus is best
Better than average mental concentration
Good ability for long-term focus

How would you describe your ability to learn?
Quick grasp of learning
Medium to moderate grasp
Slow to learn new things


Peace, Love and all that Jazz!

To your HeWeLoHa,

NATALIE, The Modern Hippie Mama

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